About SHE

About SHE

We are officially the exclusive distributor of “SHE” cosmetics and fragrances in Southern Africa. “SHE” is Turkey’s export leader in fragrance especially in perfume, makeup and deodorant category. It is present in more than 80 countries serving with more than 300 products. All our products are ISO 9001 certified. Our dynamic marketing team is committed to driving brand, demand, customer engagement, lead generation, sales enablement and more.

She is the fragrance line of extraordinary, innovative, fashion conscious and self-confident young ladies. Colorful striped boxes and modern design of this fragrance line is striking, attractive and stunning…

She series include 11 different fragrances (Fun, Cool, Sexy, Sweet, Love, Pretty, Clubber, Angel, New York, Paris and She is from Istanbul) for young girls who like to express themselves by unique choices. A wide range of gift sets, fruity and floral scented body lotions and shower gels accompany to the wonderful smelling Eau de toilettes and deodorants.

We invite all young ladies to discover the colorful and fresh world of She.

Launch Dates

  • She is Fun (2006)
  • She is Sexy (2006)
  • She is Cool (2006)
  • She is Sweet (2007)
  • She is Love (2007)
  • She is Pretty (2010)
  • She is a Clubber (2013)
  • She is From İstanbul (2014)
  • She is From NewYork (2014)
  • She is From Paris (2014)
  • She is an Angel (2015)
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